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Blog Why You Should Clean & Disinfect Office Printers

Why You Should Clean and Disinfect Your Office Printers

Your office printer is an important piece of equipment, which means cleaning and disinfecting it is extremely important, especially in times like these. When it comes to cleaning your printer, think of it like your car. You wouldn’t continuously drive your car and not get an oil change or new tires, would you? That’s what it would be like if you don’t regularly clean your printer. And think about all the fingers that touch the printer on a daily basis, and all the germs that are on there. If you don’t disinfect your printer regularly, you’re running the risk of spreading those germs.

At MFD Business Solutions we understand the importance of cleaning and disinfecting your office printer. Below you will find key areas to focus on, as well as how you should go about cleaning and disinfecting it.

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Cleaning & Disinfecting

Have you ever printed something and the paper came out with faded lines or words on it? How frustrating was that? By cleaning your printer regularly you can avoid that frustration.

Cleaning the printhead frequently can reduce the risk of it becoming clogged. Most printers have an option to clean the printhead using a programmed cleaning cycle. If your printer has this option, use it. If not, take a soft lint-free cloth to the contact pads.

When you’re cleaning your printer, you’ll also want to make sure you clean the rollers. Most printing problems occur because of dirty rollers. Lucky for you, it’s easy to prevent this. To start, shut down your printer and remove the ink/toner cartridges and paper. Once you’ve done that, remove any surface residue from the rollers by scrubbing with isopropyl cards.

Along with cleaning the printhead and rollers, it’s important to clean the print cartridges. Over time, a printer typically accumulates waste toner and ink. To remove the waste, begin by removing the print cartridge from the printer. Once you’ve done that, wipe the cavity with a soft cloth and alcohol. Make sure that you wring out the excess liquid before wiping it down.

After you are done cleaning the printer, it’s time to disinfect it. To start, we recommend using a disinfectant wipe like Clorox or Lysol and stay away from sprays. With that wipe, wipe down the mainframe of the device, the outer edge of each paper tray, and if the printer is on wheels, pull it away from the wall and wipe down the backside. Once you have done that, open the top of the printer and start to clean the scanner. Now that you know that it is important to clean and disinfect your printer regularly in order to keep in running efficiently, as well as how to clean and disinfect it, you can do it yourself.

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