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DFW Square 9 Software Provider


If you are challenged with:

  • lost, disorganized, or inaccessible files
  • remote team members
  • workflow bottlenecks
  • or security and compliance risks

It is time to automate your business processes. The good news: it doesn’t have to be hard or disruptive.

By easily capturing and digitizing your business-critical documents, like invoices, sales orders, tax records, human resource files, and more, you’ll simplify common business tasks freeing you up to spend more time with your customers and on high-value projects leading to an improved bottom line.

Getting started is easy with pre-built solutions.
In just hours you’ll transform business processes in accounting, human resources, legal, sales, and across your organization. With proven workflows for capturing your business content and putting it into motion, you’ll efficiently and securely manage your information as it moves through your business helping you cut costs and raise productivity. 

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Square 9 Software

Benefits of digitally transforming your organization

  • Quick access to the most up-to-date information even from remote locations
  • Improved collaboration between coworkers with secure sharing of documents
  • Increased security and protection against unauthorized access to business-critical information
  • Enforce business rules
  • Compliance with state and federal regulations
  • Seamless flow of information throughout your organization
  • Improved visibility into where tasks stand
  • Elimination of paper, waste, and expensive file cabinets helps cut costs
  • Automated capture/collection of high-value data
  • Reduction of manual processes including eliminating data entry
  • Improved efficiencies and productivity in all departments
  • Business continuity in case of a natural disaster or pandemic
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A Complete & Scalable Solution 

Digital transformation starts with capturing the information located in your emails, PDFs, forms, and paper documents and then securely storing that information so you can access, route, and share it easily in real time. Square 9 offers scalable solutions from document capture, including web forms, to workflow to content management for the full digital transformation of your organization.

Global Capture

Capture Automation GlobalCapture┬« 

Eliminate manual processes by digitizing your information with speed and accuracy.

Our document capture automation solution is designed to capture, validate, and classify high volumes of documents and convert valuable data into digital information and insights. You can capture documents from virtually any source including multi-functional printers, production scanners, email servers, web forms, watched network directories, or other external data sources! Using capture automation, you can also share document data through designed pathways to ensure business processes are accurate, efficient, and completed on time!

Enterprise Content Management Software Global Search®

Never waste time searching for lost or missing documents again! File, index, store, and retrieve information with ease in a secure and compliant environment.

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Software is a cost-effective solution for improving the storage, management, and monitoring of documents relating to everyday business including accounting, human resources, taxes, sales, and customer and vendor information. Accessible through a web browser, this easy-to-use solution can be downloaded as a pre-built solution, so you can be up and running right away. It can also be customized to address your business-specific needs. Either way, it will dramatically increase productivity and your bottom line. Get started now and eliminate storage issues, disorganization, ineffective collaboration, security, and compliance concerns. The right content management solution can make all the difference for your business efficiency.

Enterprise Content Management
Managed IT Services

Web Forms Process Management GlobalForms┬« 

Capture information quicker and easier than ever before with unique web forms designed for your business needs. With easy-to-use drag-and-drop fields, you can easily create rich and dynamic web-based forms that eliminate inefficient paper-based processes and promote self-service for both employees and customers.

Web Forms improve the quality of captured information, gathering all the relevant and required data. Once your data is captured, it is automatically routed into your content management system for review and action!

By streamlining the capture of data through web forms, your employees and customers no longer need to fill out repetitive information. They can simply enter their information once in a web-based form, and your team can get to work! Making for happier customers and more productive employees.


What is Digital Transformation?
A: Digital transformation is the adoption of digital technology to improve efficiency, productivity, collaboration, security, and compliance while reducing costs.

What is ECM?

A:  Enterprise Content Management is the digital organization of your business documents in the repository that allows for smarter, simpler, and more secure access to your information.

Who uses ECM?

A: All types of organizations looking to streamline business processes and increase productivity can use ECM. Content management systems reduce costs and boost efficiency across common business tasks performed in all departments including accounting, human resources, legal, sales, marketing, and compliance.

How difficult is setting up an ECM solution?

A: Out-of-the-box ECM solutions take time and careful planning to implement, but Square 9 offers a variety of proven pre-built, downloadable solutions for a number of industries that can be implemented within a day without disruption to your current business and process.

How can I digitize older documents stored in my file cabinets?
A: Often at the beginning of a digital transformation journey, an organization usually has a lot of existing documents that need to be transformed from paper to digital. By scanning paper documents, you can convert the information to a digital format. With GlobalCapture, you have a variety of tools to extract information and index it so you eliminate manual data entry while increasing the speed and accuracy at which you can digitize your information.



What are web forms?

A:  Web forms allow users to enter information on secure browser-based forms for storage in an online repository. GlobalForms integrates web forms into capture workflows to create a single process for working with your data.

How would my business benefit from using web forms?

A:  If your organization has lengthy or complex paper or PDF forms or uses other digital solutions in conjunction with paperwork, your business could benefit from web forms. You can automatically store your completed forms in a secure and compliant repository or add them to a capture workflow for routing to help keep everyone informed of what information has been collected.

What is business process automation?

A:  Business process automation is the use of technology to run business-critical processes without the need for constant human input.

What is business process automation used for?

A:  Business process automation is used for a variety of business activities. GlobalAction improves workflow chains and automates other key document-based tasks.

Is it possible to use automation to set document retention periods?
A:  Yes, you can assign the appropriate retention periods to documents and automate the destruction of them in the background. A ‘purge’ period can be specified to stipulate at what time a document is deleted from the system (purged). This automatically deletes documents that have been assigned. Automating record retention takes the headache and uncertainty out of administration and compliance.

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