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DFW Business VOIP Solutions

In the modern business environment, effective communication is key to success. The corded headsets and twisted copper wiring of traditional telephony keep employees tethered to a desk. Enable personnel to make calls anytime and anywhere with an Internet-connected device and voiceover IP, or VoIP.

Voiceover IP services from MFD Business Solutions improve and support the way companies connect with customers and clients with a wide variety of phone models and application support for mobile phones and other devices in the DFW Area.

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voiceover ip solutions

Voiceover Internet Protocol is the transmission of voice traffic over an internet connection. It goes by many names, such as voiceover IP, VoIP, IP telephony, Internet telephony, broadband telephony, and broadband phone service. Simply put, it’s a technology that converts a voice into a digital signal that’s sent directly from a computer or other data-driven device.

Because the data is transmitted over the Internet, users can access innovative applications designed to improve productivity and agility. With MFD Business Solutions’ VoIP services, communication forms like phone calls, faxes, voice mails, emails, and videoconferences can be delivered to any Internet-connected device. This provides an array of benefits: 

  • Cost Saving: Up to 75% lower than traditional phone service
  • Auto Attendant: Greet & Route Callers
  • Call Recording: Record calls to track customer satisfaction
  • Video Conferencing: See & Hear Your Team Members in Realtime
  • Unified Communication: Send files and chat messages
  • Remote Work Technology: Work from Anywhere
  • Business Software Integration: Connect to your CRM, Cloud Storage and more


And so much more:

  • Better scalability
  • Enables advanced features
  • Clearer voice quality
  • Supports multitasking
  • More flexibility


When it comes to traditional telephony, businesses incur massive up-front costs. There’s the private branch exchange, or PBX, which is on-premise hardware that connects office landline phones. Additionally, the copper wiring needed to connect the phones and hardware physically is expensive. To top it off, the traditional circuit-switched telephone network charges a fee. 

Unlike landline setups, IP telephony enables voice, data, and video to be transmitted to various devices, including smartphones, laptops, tablets, and IP phones. This comes at a much lower cost. 

A VoIP solution does away with expensive hardware or dedicated lines. Businesses can scale up or down with ease, enabling faster responses to temporary or seasonal demand spikes. Employees can work remotely, as long as there’s an Internet connection. 

Take control of your telecommunications

Today, top businesses choose VoIP services for cutting-edge technology, scalability, and time-saving features that simplify communications. MFD Business Solutions makes it easy for companies in the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area to get started. 


Setup takes minutes, and there’s no complicated configuration, equipment, or technical support. Once onboard, our DFW business VoIP solutions give you the power to thrive by turning Internet-connected devices into a high-performance business phone system.


Contact us to learn about the VoIP Services Dallas area businesses can leverage to get ahead.


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